The Spinosaurus is currently recorded as the largest carnivorous dinosaur to live on this earth. Even larger, yes larger, than the famous Giganotosaurus. You know that really cool scene in Jurassic park where the Spinosaurus and the T-Rex have an epic fight? Unfortunately, the likelihood of that happening is quite low. You see, the Spinosaurus resided mainly in water. In fact, in the most recent fossil evidence found, it appears to be the first dinosaur that was able to swim.

Paleontologists estimate that the large carnivore most likely fed on giant sharks and other large fish like Coelacanths. The most prominent competition would have been huge, crocodile-like creatures.

The reason the Spinosaurus is called a Spinosaurus is because of the large, sail like spines covering its back. The sails were documented to be 7 ft. high. I’m just saying, this guy is way cooler than the T-Rex. From nose to tail, the creature can be measured to 15 ft. or longer. Not bad for an aquatic creature.

    The fossil evidence reveals that it may have some relations to some modern day animals. The Spinosaurus had short hind limbs resembling early whales, dense and compact bones like penguins, and a snout very similar to fish-eating crocodiles. The Spinosaurus is said to have roamed the earth, or splashed in the ocean, in the Cretaceous period, approximately 112 million to 97 million years ago.

Now, signing off, the Spinosaurus,


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