Harsh winds crash into her. A sharp sting of cold seeps through her clothing, caressing her skin in painful admiration. She tugs her sweater closer to her, struggling against the wind while she stumbles down the sidewalk. No one else is out, no one else would dare to. Thunder drummed above her head. She looked up with wide eyes, feeling rain smack against her cheeks. She used her hand to wipe off the droplets from her face and pulled her hood tighter around her face. A bright streak struck against the dark sky, sending veins of light shooting out all around. A large cloud of dust smashed into the girl, wedging their way into her mouth and eyes. She groaned and stopped, scratching at her dirt covered eyes. A dog barks frantically in the distance, the girl turns to face it but sees nothing but black and brown speckles. She starts to cry, tears pushing out the dirt. The dirt in her mouth scrapes her, choking her as it slides back into her throat. She crouches down, turning her back to the cloud. Another burst of wind knocks her flat, her face is against the pavement. Her tears come faster, her cries of pain and distress are lost in the storm. No one sees her, no one cares. She is left there alone and in pain. But the saddest part is,

She’s used to it.


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