A Familiar Feeling

Harsh winds crash into her. A sharp sting of cold seeps through her clothing, caressing her skin in painful admiration. She tugs her sweater closer to her, struggling against the wind while she stumbles down the sidewalk. No one else is out, no one else would dare to. Thunder drummed above her head. She looked up with wide eyes, feeling rain smack against her cheeks. She used her hand to wipe off the droplets from her face and pulled her hood tighter around her face. A bright streak struck against the dark sky, sending veins of light shooting out all around. A large cloud of dust smashed into the girl, wedging their way into her mouth and eyes. She groaned and stopped, scratching at her dirt covered eyes. A dog barks frantically in the distance, the girl turns to face it but sees nothing but black and brown speckles. She starts to cry, tears pushing out the dirt. The dirt in her mouth scrapes her, choking her as it slides back into her throat. She crouches down, turning her back to the cloud. Another burst of wind knocks her flat, her face is against the pavement. Her tears come faster, her cries of pain and distress are lost in the storm. No one sees her, no one cares. She is left there alone and in pain. But the saddest part is,

She’s used to it.



I’m sorry I left

I’m sorry I gave no sign, no word

The sudden disappearance of me and my affection

Of my sweetness and delicious dedication

That whole, that space, that void

A missing piece that has been lost and forgotten

Its a faded scar that you don’t recognize, remember or feel

Now you’re numb

And cold

And all I ask, all I dream, all I need

If for you to go back

And remember me

That Thing

Having that sweet sensation

Rushing exhilaration

Friend or foe

Swirling mixture of intense emotion

It could be hatred or love, but it’s that feeling we search so hard for

When you really find it, that thing, both are apparent

Someone you hate so fiercely but love so deeply

This wonderful little mixture of black and white is what creates what we all desire


That Moment When…

It’s that moment when your stomach twists and your head pounds, your breath comes fast and your hands start to sweat. A black tint starts to cover your eyes and your ears start to ache. Desperate sobs escaping from you, even though you try so hard to hold them back. People are everywhere, all around, and you just want to scream and run and hide. The people. Their looks, their judgments, their snickers. You just want to fight and run and the realization that you can’t do either is almost too much. Now it’s dizziness, fighting for the ability to just stay upright. Now comes the worst of the people. The people who pretend to care, the people who try to convince you that you’re not alone. At this point you are not only fighting off the afflictions within yourself, but you fight them off too. Screaming that you’re fine and nothing is wrong, that if they’ll just leave you alone you’ll get better. But you wont.

Luckily, that doesn’t matter if no one knows.


The Spinosaurus is currently recorded as the largest carnivorous dinosaur to live on this earth. Even larger, yes larger, than the famous Giganotosaurus. You know that really cool scene in Jurassic park where the Spinosaurus and the T-Rex have an epic fight? Unfortunately, the likelihood of that happening is quite low. You see, the Spinosaurus resided mainly in water. In fact, in the most recent fossil evidence found, it appears to be the first dinosaur that was able to swim.

Paleontologists estimate that the large carnivore most likely fed on giant sharks and other large fish like Coelacanths. The most prominent competition would have been huge, crocodile-like creatures.

The reason the Spinosaurus is called a Spinosaurus is because of the large, sail like spines covering its back. The sails were documented to be 7 ft. high. I’m just saying, this guy is way cooler than the T-Rex. From nose to tail, the creature can be measured to 15 ft. or longer. Not bad for an aquatic creature.

    The fossil evidence reveals that it may have some relations to some modern day animals. The Spinosaurus had short hind limbs resembling early whales, dense and compact bones like penguins, and a snout very similar to fish-eating crocodiles. The Spinosaurus is said to have roamed the earth, or splashed in the ocean, in the Cretaceous period, approximately 112 million to 97 million years ago.

Now, signing off, the Spinosaurus,



The Earth And The Sky

The old mythology, how the sky and the earth fell in love. How the sky would look down upon the earth’s rivers and forests, longing to touch, to hold, to love. How they would reach for each other, the earth by her mountains and the sky by his weather. A small conundrum that often circles my mind is the gender. The earth can be portrayed as a woman, soft and flowing, beautiful and sincere. It can also be man, rough and ragged, angry and intense. Now the sky, in my mind at least, has always been a man. He is bold and brash, sending off storms and making loud, dominating sounds. I understand people’s opinions may be different, and i’d like to know why. But first I must, really, finish my view. The sky often sends down ways to touch, often more painful than comforting to the earth. The lightning bolts he sends to love is received with pain. After centuries of this I can foresee contempt and hatred. The earth just gets tired of failed attempts, not bothering to make itself beautiful for the sky. Leaving charred forests and dried up rivers. The sky could turn to sadness, or more likely to anger. Lashing out on the sight he once thought was so gloriously wonderous. He may even turn his sights to new heights, looking toward the stars instead. This is a sad ending, but it’s an ending of possibility. A constant emotion that is found throughout history, and throughout life.

The King

I am the King

The skulls of my foe lay at my feet

My guards watch and serve

Willing to slay any who oppose

I am power.
Power is me.

I will rule you and you will obey

If you defy

I add you to my collection on dead

You will serve me

You will follow me

I am the one

I am the only

I am the King.

That Little Woman

How do you do what it is you do?

Like nothing I’ve ever seen

Like milk and poppy and lemon it is

A wonderful mixture of neutralization

You’re red and blue, making yourself purple

A neutral little island of delicious distraction

You puzzle with pompous animation

But not once, no not once, do you reveal you intention

You stir up my emotions, my feelings, my desires

Why you even ruined my marriage arranged

You take no stance, you have no opinion

You are cocky about yourself but use no words

I don’t know why, but why I do know

This woman will be my new low

Alphabet Exercise

Artistic animation

Beautiful brands

Curiosity creation

Dwindling dreams

Elegant elation

Frightening ferocity

Gracious glorification

Heinous hunger

Indulgent interests

Joyful jeers

Keepsake keenness

Loneliness lingering

Mastery mouthful

Notorious need

Opposing orientations

Precious perfection

Questionable quiet

Resting resources

Stable sentiment

Tantalizing trickery

Undertaking urgency

Vicious voters

Wondering wonders

X-raying xantus

Yowling yaks

Zesty zucchini

The End Is Near, Prepare For The Beginning

That time in your life where everything flies by

That time when friends and romance are most important

When you sit and study for hours hoping for a good grade

Dreaming of what your life could be

What you could be

It’s either the best or worst time in a person’s life

You’re either the prom queen or the one alone in the shadows

Surrounded by friends or sitting alone at lunch

But maybe you’re that person in the middle

Friends enough but not quite popular

This is the last year of high school

The last time you walk down these halls

The last time you see these faces

The eager excitement or crushing dread running through your system as you think of that last day

It’s up to you if you fly or fall

So, what will it be for you?